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Old MCHS Building

Here are some pictures of our old school just before it was torn down.

50th Reunion, July 17 - 19, 2015

Here's a collection of pictures from the reunion.  These include Friday night meet & greet, Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch.
Charles Lieber & Glen McPherson

45th Reunion Aug. 13, 2010 (Friday night)

Friday night mixer was held at OP's in Craig.  We met on the patio and talked and drank until around 11:00 PM.  The weather was great and OP's was the perfect place to met.


45th Reunion Aug. 14, 2010 (School tour)

Saturday morning we met at our old High School (now the Middle School) for a tour.  All that remained was the gym and auditorium. However, memories still floated in the halls and classrooms. What an excellent facility these students have. Wish we were as lucky back in Jr. High. Remember our old school!!!


45th Reunion Aug. 14, 2010 (Saturday Dinner)

The Saturday night dinner was held at the Hampton Inn. Social hour started at 6 PM with dinner at 7 PM. The food was catered by Brothers Meat Packing in Craig and consisted of salad, tri tip, chicken, vegetables, rolls, and carrot cake. A program followed the dinner to honor our class members that have passed away, the girls in the class got up and sang the school song and prizes were given for various categories. 


45th Reunion Aug. 15, 2010 (Sunday Brunch)

Sunday we had a brunch at the Tin Cup which is located at the golf course. The brunch was attended by 35 class members and provided our last farewells to each other. 


40th Reunion - 2005

Our 40th reunion was held at:

Friday night mixer at the Golf course.
Saturday night dinner at the Holiday Inn.
There was no formal event on Sunday.


35th Reunion - 2000

Our 35th reunion was held at:
Friday night mixer was held at the Holiday Inn.
Saturday night was a buffet dinner with DJ music provide by Roger Hutton and his wife at the Holiday Inn.
Sunday we had a picnic at Loudy-Simpson Park.

30th reunion - 1995

Our 30th reunion was also held at:
All three day events were held at the Shadow Mountain Recreation Center.  We had a Friday night mixer, the Saturday night dinner was catered and we had a Sunday morning brunch.  There was live music Saturday night and we all got together for a class picture.


25th Reunion - 1990

Our 25th reunion was held at:

Friday night mixer was at the Holiday Inn. 
Saturday night dinner was at Shadow Mountain.
Sunday brunch was at Shadow Mountain.


20th Reunion - 1985

Our 20th reunion was held on August 15, 1985:
Friday night mixer was at Linda Gooch's house.
Saturday night dinner was at the Elks Club.
Sunday picnic was at Loudy-Simpson Park


10th Reunion - 1975

Our 10th reunion was held at:

Friday night mixer was at Linda Gooch's mom's house. 
Saturday night dinners was at Signal Hill night club. 
Sunday picnic at Freeman Reservoir

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Us being kids

Do you remember when we were this age?


MCHS Marching Band

Our school band marching down the streets of Craig, maybe our Junior year?   The band with the older uniforms would be the Junior High band.


Buildings Around Town

Collection of old buildings around Craig.