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This website is provided as a place where you can relive your days at MoCoHi, visit with old friends, reminisce about the good old days as well as help us spread the word and plan future events, like our 55th Reunion.

This site is created to help us do a better job of staying in touch and keeping up with the happenings of our classmates.  The website will continue to evolve as we receive your profiles, photos, or experiences that you would like to share.  This is your website and will only be as good as your participation. 

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On May 25, 1965 we threw our graduation caps into the air and said farewell to our friends, teachers and good old MoCoHi. We would no longer rule the school, but began our pursuit to rule the world. We all have chosen different paths and our life experiences have been varied. Forever, there is one thing that connects us...Moffat County High School.  In the years since graduation, we have become parents, wives, husbands, and well accomplished professionals in many different fields. Now, we are a bit wiser, a bit older, and look forward to our next reunion!   




Come back and visit often, our website information will be updated frequently.