Information for posting pictures in the Photo Album:

The Photo Album section is the place to share a large group of your personal photos. These might be old photos of Craig, the schools, school events, or maybe such places of interest around Craig. They might also be photos you have of other class mates of now and then. 

You may want to share photos of trips you have taken, your pets, hobbies, personal pictures of yourself or family members. These types of photos are suggested to be included with your Profile (see Classmates tab). 

Help, Help we need pictures of past reunions.  Please go through your old photos and find pictures of our past reunions. Send them in and they will be placed under the appropriate reunion date. Of course we need to know which reunion the photos were taken at.  Note: we did not have a 15-year reunion.

Single photos of various subjects my be placed under "Very Interesting."  The webmaster will place your photos in the appropriate section.  

All photos should be scanned and converted to a .jpg file. If you want to include labels for the pictures the downloading information allows for such. 

Old MCHS Building
50th Reunion, July 17 - 19, 2015
45th Reunion Aug. 13, 2010 (Friday night)
45th Reunion Aug. 14, 2010 (School tour)
45th Reunion Aug. 14, 2010 (Saturday Dinner)
45th Reunion Aug. 15, 2010 (Sunday Brunch)
40th Reunion - 2005
35th Reunion - 2000
30th reunion - 1995
25th Reunion - 1990
20th Reunion - 1985
10th Reunion - 1975
Us being kids
MCHS Marching Band
Buildings Around Town