50th Reunion
Our 50th reunion was said to be the best of all reunions we have ever had.  The weekend started off Friday night at The Other Place (OP’s) with a meet and great evening.   Discussions, laughter and re-establishment of old friendships flourish.  The “you look great; remember when we did this or remember when we did that, where are you living now, how many kids or grandkids do you have, I remember your car, I remember you dated so in so" were heard throughout the evening.  Classmates started showing up around 6:00 pm and the last dogs left around 11:00 pm.
Saturday evening dinner was held at the Clarion Inn which we know as the old Holiday Inn west of town.  The banquet room was setup with twelve round tables with place setting of eight to a table.  Cocktail tables were in the outer lobby along with the reception table.  Linda Gooch and Marie (Gray) Kettle staffed the reception table to pin name tags on and provide program booklets.  A cash bar was in our banquet room along with music provide by classmate Roger Hutton.  Linda Gooch brought a lot of memorabilia and displayed photos, newspaper articles and school attire on a memorabilia table.  Prior to sitting down for dinner the class members gathered for a class photo.
Charles Lieber was the Master of Ceremony and kept the evening rolling.  Even with his sheep jokes.  Jim Gardner said the blessing after Myrtle Deakins came forward with a ‘name the business in downtown’ quiz for each table to work on during dinner.  The hotel staff served us pork, steak and chicken.  The food was excellent and plentiful.  After dinner our class president Larry Henderson spoke and recognized the classmates with military service.  Acknowledgement was given to the following classmate for their efforts in organizing the reunion:
Charles Lieber – Chairman
Deems Utzinger – Chief Financial Officer
Linda Gooch – Secretary
Marie (Gray) Kettle – Decorations
Jane Henderson – Programs
Kelvin Stehle – Dessert
Roger Hutton – Music/DJ
LaDawn (Seick) Sexton – Photographer
Myrtle provided the answers to the downtown business location quiz and Mike Kline remembered the most and received a book donated by the museum.  Several classmates came forward to express their memories.  Shirley (Craig) Bauer tried to express her thoughts but Myrtle had to provide interpretations for her.  This was a real crackup!  Linda Gooch read a poem that she created titled “Mighty Bulldogs We Still Reign”. 
A discussion was conducted regarding the thoughts for a 55th reunion.  The class wanted a 55 year reunion and they wanted it to be held in Craig.  As one person shouted, “Home of the Bulldogs”.  The class website is funded through September 21, 2015.  A discussion was conducted on continuing it and funding it.  Again, the class wanted the website to continue.  Myrt Deakins volunteered to fund it but Deems said let’s wait and see how much money is left in the reunion account and we can go from there.  This might require additional support in funding from the classmates.  (Update note:  the website is fully funded for another five years)
The evening agenda was closed with a reminder to notify Charlie, Deems or Linda of any address or email changes so that the directory can be kept up to date.  Oldies music was started and classmates hung around to talk and dance.
Sunday classmates started showing up at OP’s for brunch around 9:30 am.  By 10:30 am the house was packed and laughter was heard everywhere.  Classmates enjoyed saying goodbye to each other with fond farewells, safe travels and god speed.
Other notable items from the reunion:
Friday Harold Maddocks wife, Sally, went to the hospital with respiratory problems and had to spend the night in the Craig hospital.  She was fine the next day and attended the dinner with Harold.   Also on Friday night at OP’s, Val Atwood started having chest pains so left and went to the ER.  They examined him and determined that his arteries were plugged so Life Flight was dispatched from Grand Junction.  They flew him to St Mary’s where they installed stints and he was discharged the next day.  Both Sally and Val are home now and doing fine.  It was Charlie and Paulette Lieber’s thirty third anniversary Saturday night so Larry Henderson presented then with a gift – a brick.  Guess there was an inside joke about the brick. 
Class photo and directory:
For those that did not attend the reunion a photograph of the classmates in attendance may be obtained by contacting Linda Gooch.
If you would like a copy of the class directory Deems Utzinger has a handful of them left over.  Please contact Deems for a copy.  This directory not only included our classmates’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email address but has the agenda for the Saturday night dinner, a memorial listing of all the classmates that have deceased, the Class Will & Prophecy along with senior pictures as found in our annual.  

The President's (Larry Henderson) welcoming remarks:
Good evening
It is an honor to stand before a group of such distinguished looking ladies and gentlemen.  Thankfully, I feel much younger than some of you look.
As I look out, I see lots of gray and lots of wrinkles.  I see wrinkles of wisdom, joy and humor. Also, wrinkles of disappointment and sorrow.  I see wrinkles of satisfaction and confidence. I see my fellow classmates!  Welcome back.
We have a special guest tonight, Roger Little.  Mr. Little, thanks for coming tonight.  Our teachers were important in forming what we were to become.  You sir, were one of the best.  Thank you.
Fifty years is a long time.  As I told people about our 50-year reunion, a common reply was “That’s older than I am!”  When we graduated in 1965:

  • Gas was 28 cents per gallon
  • A new car averaged $3,200
  • The average family income was $5,500 per year
  • McDonald’s burger was 18 cents
  • A bottle of coke a dime
  • Movies were 50 cents
  • Draft beer was 10 cents
  • We didn’t know the color of grey
  • Medicare was a medical term
  • Tattoos were only for sailors
Following graduation, our class scattered.  Some stayed home, others to college, some to work far away and others to serve our country in faraway lands.
We have teachers, preachers, servicemen, fire fighters and policemen.  Also health care professionals, care givers, government worker and engineers.  Some became farmers, ranchers, business owners and managers.  We have skilled craftsmen, porn stars, lawyers and politicians.  We have seen and played a part in putting men on the moon, remarkable medical advances, the computer age and the development of cell phones.  We’ve been through unpopular wars, crisis at home and abroad, economic crisis, terrorism, Barack Obama and Caitlin Jenner.
Our classmates were important in forming what we were to become.  Remember, we knew you before you were mothers and fathers.  Before you chose your profession or traveled the world.  We knew you when you were young, vibrant, silly and a dreamer.  As we gather tonight, remember there is only one Deems Utzinger, Val Atwood, Marie Gray or Linda Bilsing.  There was only one Dugan Douglas, John Shelly, Mary Jackson and Sally Roebacker.  And thank God, only one Myrtle Deakins and Mickey Klein.  Tonight we are here to share life stories, rekindle friendships and just plain reminisce.
I would like to propose a toast.  But first a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us. 
This toast is for those who could not join us for whatever reason.  We miss you.
For those here tonight, let’s raise our glasses.  Here is to great memories, rekindling friendships,  and to the best class of Moffat County High School.  May you look forward with pleasure and look back without regret.  Also, be kind to younger people as they are paying our social security!
Linda Gooch's poem
Mighty Bulldogs We Still Reign!
I was standing by my window, watching time go passing by
All my family and friends and memories that never die
We started out together, but our paths were not the same
Some were townies, some were country, but all neighbors we became
I remember going downtown to the drugstore and the “show”
And the drive-in out on the highway, sneaking in with heads down low
The memorries come flooding back, about those early years –
1st grade, I could not wait, even though Mom was in tears
Junior High, did you go steady? Have kissing contests on Friday night?
And eating out at the A&W, burger and fries fixed just right
Then on to high school with adventures all brand new
The sports, pep rallies, and prom, good times far too few
Draggin ‘ main, circlin’ the park, something we did all the time
Going to the bowling alley, pinball was just a dime
We sang the songs of the new stars, Elvis Presley to the Stones
The lyrics were straight from the devil, or so our parents moaned
Now we’re all back here together, reliving memories once again
The Class of Nineteen Sixty Five, so good to see old friends
We all started out together, but our paths were not the same
Some were townies, some were country, best friends we all became
Some were country, some were townies, but Mighty Bulldogs we still reign!

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